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    mine arrived yesterday! yipiee!
    i'll write a small review later, but till then i have a few questions!

    whenever i got a few phone i simply transfered contacts via bluetooth, or VCARD via sms..........this phone doesnt seem to support either! :S

    but i do have the contacts on my pc, so can i simply drap and drop or something like that?

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    ive had this problem,
    I had to put the contacts from the vcard into the address book,
    then into outlook,
    then into a csv file,
    then into googlemail.
    I now have 15 contacts, and one contact that has 159 linked profiles to it
    so I guess I now have to manually unlink them all

    if anyone has a better solution, please help!
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    I find one of the best ways of keeping my contacts is via gmail...import your contacts to gmail...add your gmail account to your're done!

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