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    i'm sorry if im posting this in the wrong place but i think its right

    im new to the homebrew/modding of the pre scene and i would like to know a few things

    can i get a video camera?
    what is the benefit of rooting?
    what are the best homebrew app browsers that you can use from the pre (i have preware and filecoaster)
    what are some must have homebrew apps?
    and is there an easy way of switching between themes? (similar to winterboard for the iphone)

    i have experience with jailbreaking the iphone and ipot touch and sshing with winscp so im sure i can catch onto the pre scene rather quickly

    thanks for you help
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    yea glad you have experience with all that! As for some of us who don't, we are fresh outta luck cuz if you don't speek the lingo ur never going to figure any of it out. I have been trying to get answers on how to root my pre for the video recording with no luck thus far.
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    how do i find the IP for my pre and what is the root login thing for pre? for iphones/ipods it was root and alpine

    as for you if youve been waiting that long for answers try using google thats next on my list
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    there is a app in preware that finds your ip address. I have no idea how to or what rooting is.
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    try Main Page - WebOS Internals.

    they should have all the info on rooting that you need.

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