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    I've been seeing the Palm Pre ad with the androgynous woman. It doesn't do it for me - - I don't get it. The Pre is such a cool phone with so many outstanding features - coupled with a number of significant features bundled in the Sprint data plan.
    But that doesn't come across in the commercials I've seen for it. Why can't they just take a straight forward approach and tell people what the phone does and what you get with the plan? Do people have that short of an attention span? Does the advertising world think people are that clueless?
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    unfortunately I think the advertising world is so clueless to think people are that clueless....
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    I just saw one last night on the discovery channel. It wasn't too bad. It demonstrated universal search. It still used the odd woman, but it only showed her for a minute before zooming in on the Pre's screen.

    perhaps still not quite as effective as some of the Apple ads, but better than the ephemeral weirdness with stories about jugglers.
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    Sprint is usually good with their ads, especially recently with the throwing away of money and all the statistics. They just missed completely with this girl though. She is so creepy I can't stand it.
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    The German 02 commercials with the song "1901" by Phoenix are exactly 1000000x better.
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    I agree the creepy lady commercials are not effective. At least not for the consumer majority who's never heard of the Pre. I know the Pre is not an entry level phone, but the iPhone isn't either and everyone and their grandma wants one. The ads just give geeks who know about the Pre something to talk about. What a major opportunity missed by Palm

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