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    Before 1.2 my email was running like a champ. Ever since though its slow as mollases. Not so much the application itself, but more specifically loading the text body of a recently opened email. Before 1.2 it was nearly instant, now it takes 20-30 secs which is ridiculous. Have done resets, even did a full erase (for a different reason) and its still not ok. Any suggestions?
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    After doing the erase, did you re-apply any patches, specifically the enhanced spell checker?
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    I didn't but I do have that patch and my email is so slow I go to the google/m site instead.
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    Remove the enhanced dictionary.

    Same thing happened to me, once I removed it, back to quick emails.
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    yup, i can tell u for sure that is what the problem is... removed it also and email is back to normal... i found that the damn spell check was always correctin **** that was the way i wanted it anyway... always had to retext one word...

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