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    Anyone get any Nintendo 8-bit emulators work in classic? I really wanna play Zelda 2 before bed. Any emulators at all working in classic? The only good game I got to work really well in classic is BikeorDIE 2.
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    Classic has more access to the Pre's hardware than any other program. Just play bike or die 2 in 3d with full graphics. It run's smooth as hell.
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    I got a free one "working", it'll load the games, run them smoothly, but I can't figure out how to get any controls working, so I gave up for now.
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    Yes. Sometimes I think the lack of a d-pad (5-way) was a very bad idea. That is honestly the only thing about the Motorola Droid that I REALLY like better than the Pre... and it's still not perfect. The d-pad needs to be on the outside, right next to the screen. Dunno if a gesture area was that much better than a 5-way, but Rubenstein's right... it *does* look more "organic" the way it is.

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