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    Is anyone else having issues where push email keeps stopping? I find myself having to reboot my phone several times a day, and even with that regimine, I find that after I take a phone call, I get a ton of email that was already delivered. Sometimes it doesn't even help to try to manually-refresh my inboxes...

    I've done webos doctor a few times, tried with and without patches, and it seems that overall, this latest OS update has some serious issues with push email.

    I also don't seem to be getting very many calendar notifications...
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    I haven't had any issues...but I also did WebOS Doctor on my phone after upgrading the software and reinstalled everything (pkg mgr, preware, etc.) the way it's supposed to be installed and my phone absolutely rocks! The MVAPP thing was a Godsend!
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    What's crazy is that I did the same as you.... WebOS Doctor from scratch. I didn't even perform the actual update.
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    There are problems with 1.1.3 as well. I couldn't add IMAP Accounts with SSL connection. Once I switched to TLS from the rejected SSL, the account was created. Emails were pulled from that point onwards. But that stopped sometime without notice. Even manual refreshing does not pull the mails.

    Once I recreate the IMAP connection, everything works again. This time with SSL btw. But for some reason, mails are not deleted from the IMAP server when deleted on the phone. o.O This is really getting strange.
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    I have issues with things being marked as unread, even though I have already viewed them. This only happens for gmail, not exchange. The push aspect seems to fail for both, however.

    I am doing webosdoctor again... but I have a feeling that something is wonky with the current version, and I'm just wasting my time.
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    Holy hell this is annoying... After running webos doctor again, push seemed to work fairly well for a few hours, but when I woke up, I had no new emails. As soon as I opened my exchange inbox, I got 5 emails. I also did not get any exchange calendar notifications.

    Starting to get quite aggrevating. I wonder if I should run webosdoctor and wipe out my phone completely, then create a whole-new Palm Profile, so there's no chance of weird settings being carried over.

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    So after roughly 3-4 webos doctor sessions, I can safely say there is no resolution to this. Is no one else having to manually refresh their inboxes to get them pushing again?
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    I've had the same issue, but it's been intermittent for me. Doesn't seem to happen with my Exchange accounts (work and Gmail), but does happen with Yahoo!. I don't know if it's at all related, but I also get authentication errors with Yahoo!, says my password is incorrect. Of course, it's not, and it resolves itself after awhile.

    I'm very certain this started following 1.2.1. I really can't wait for 1.3.1...
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    mine even happens with Exchange. When I wake up, my last email will be from 11pm or so, and I have to manually-refresh.

    Then several times throughout the day, I will notice I am getting emails on my computer, and not on the phone... The reliability factor of this is pretty bad.

    I wonder if I can swap out my phone for this?
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    Yeah... I've had my e-mail just stop...
    E-mails would show up blank and I kept trying as well.

    Reboot fixes this, but that's like 2 minutes =/.
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