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    My pre has been crashing a lot lately... About 5-15 times each day... iat first I thought it was when people called, then I thought it was when I closed the slider, now I have no idea... It can be just sitting in my pocket and crash. Its only crashed while I'm using it once or twice, but the scrren just crashes and goes black. Like when you toggle the vibrate, but it doesn't turn back on automatically. This is very frustrating when I have an alarm, or waiting for a call! Anybody else experience these problems?

    Also on another note, when I'm in the app catalog and I choose to update, download, or install, my phone locks up for about 5mins and then says tap to launch... I don't think this is supposed to happen!
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    mine has that long delay when im in the app catalog also. Its not 5mins but its long. like the phone freezes for a while then starts the download. I think its palms app catalog. The crashing problem can be anything. Try the resets. Then the webos doctor. Also make sure your battery is in good. Shake the phone a little and see if it happens.
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    that actually happened to me a month ago. whenever i would touch the gesture area, the screen starts to lose its colors then go completely black. idk what it was all about, but i went to the sprint store & they gave me a new pre

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