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    This article is almost five months old.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ray1b View Post
    This article is almost five months old.

    ive been on these forums since day when, when I got my pre, and have yet to see this.
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    thanks for sharing OP. I have been browsing these forums for quite a while (prior to registering) and hadn't seen it either.
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    The touchstone is basically a transformer, with the primary coil being in the touchstone base, and the secondary coil being in the phone.

    It's really not fancy technology by any means. It's the same damn thing Nikola Tesla invented in the late 1800s, just on a smaller scale and at a higher frequency (to avoid having to use a heavy ferromagnetic core).

    The only reason I have yet to get one is the phone gets very warm during operation, and heat is bad for batteries long-term.
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    saw it. cool link though
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    I didn't suggest it was brand new content. And the fact that it was written a while back doesn't mean the info is outdated or anything. I mean a touchstone still looks the same inside now as it did then.

    I did a search here on the forum and didn't find it. So I just thought it might be interesting to a few people, that's all.

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