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    Can anyone who's used both give a comparison of the one from and the Phantom Skinz one?

    I don't have a screen protector yet, and I've never used one on any other smart phone... but I think I might with the Pre.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lenmac08 View Post
    phantom skin with Seido Innocase makes the phone feel morre stable and the screen even feels better than just being naked...highly recommend both. Bought case on Amazon for cheaper price than all web sites.
    +1 works great for me as well !!
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    I've used zagg invisi shield( ok but very hard to get on right unless someone that has experience does it) and phantom skins ( much easier to put on yourself and in my opinion clearer than the other)

    this is from my personal use . And states only my opinion .
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
    P.S. if i have helped you and you are thankful please hit the thanks button to the right---->
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    on the pre right now i got the boxwave sreen protector and i got the amzer hybrid silicone case. a few weeks back i ordered about 5 different cases based off style and what i think might fight the best. a coupleof them were good but this one worked out the best. it kinda reminds me of the switch easy rebel for the iphone in the way that it first has a rubber covering then a plastic skeleton to hold it on. before i had to replace my pre fr the blown speaker i had the invisible shield full body kit. i installed it without any knowledge of tips or anything so keepings the corners down was tough. i liked it but really wanted an actual case. i have a spare Invisible Shield kit im probably going to put on ebay
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    I have both the Boxwave screen protector and case. The case is fine, but the screen protector is the best! Boxwave is the only screen protector I will use on any and all of my devices.
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    I have Phantom Skinz full cover on my pre, and I love it. My friend has IS and it has much more noticable orange peel, and it's thicker.

    I also carry my pre in a belt/hip leather case. It's an off brand from ebay called MyBat. Works great though.
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    Using bodyguardz. Stronger than the invisishiel I've used in the past, and super clear (no orange peel or anything). Awesome for the front, the rear one BLOWS. The corners will never go down. I have the non-glossy touchstone back so I may take the rear one off or get a hardcase.

    Would highly recommend the front one, but not the full set unless they fix the corners issue (it was a common complaint but I bought it anyways).
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    Invisi Sheild here. Very, very difficult to apply. Have had a couple of places where it has peeled slightly. Nothing that bothers me. Pre still looks great, even though I have dropped it a half dozen times. My power button sticks now. Not enough to warrant a $100 replacement. I know I would be a good candidate for an external case, but I don't want the extra bulk.
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    I dont use anything yet. I still have the flimsy screen cover that came on the phone there. :>

    I am looking into things though.
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    I use a screen protector for the front and that's it. I have a Seidio Innocase but I took it off because I didn't like the look and feel of it.
    Dear Santa,

    I've been as good as I could be this year and all I want on my Pre is an on-screen keyboard, a real Face Book app, visual voicemail and video recording.
    If you could bring this in any of the updates by Christmas, then I promise to be extra good next year! Thanks a bunch!

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    I can't put a screen protector on for my life so my Phantom Skinz are just sitting there.. Phone lives in this little leather pouch that I got at the Sprint store and that protects it from the brunt of my daily use(and all the crap that could get into the camera -_-*)
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    I've tried various screen protectors but ultimately decided that they were more nuisance than protection. People seem to love the Zagg Invisishield, and it certainly is protective, but in my experience, I found it aesthetically displeasing.

    My Palm is naked now and doing just fine.
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    I use Ghost Armor. Had it put on in a mall. Best thing to do. Cant even see it, no orange peel and feels like it's not even there! Not a single scratch and I droped it in the parking lot once.
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    I have a ZAGG shield on mine. Love it but you have to remember every shield you buy you will notice. Every shield is noticable, some more than others. The ZAGG seems fairly unobtrusive in appearance and feel though. Very difficult to put on yourself, make sure your hands are clean and as well as the phone, any dust or fibers that get on it are fairly noticable after its been installed. Tough to line up but be patient and let it dry a little and make sure everything is flat on the phone with no bubles. After it dries for a day or two it looks way better than when you first put it on.

    It protects very well, but is scratchable as I found out showing it off to a friend. They claim free lifetime warranty but you have to pay the shipping and handling ($6) and return the old shield within 25 days(somewhat of a hassle).

    It gets my reccomendation though, just make sure you take your time putting it on and have a lint free cloth.
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