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    Ok I love the pre but this is frustrating and totally ****ing me off that I myself cant figure out if its solely a battery issue or phone and that these things have been out since June and seems like most ppl just accept that it has crazy bad battery life....which isnt true...iv SEEN the few people that have the real good battery life...high screen brightness n webpages open doing apps n text n it lasts like 8-10 hours....

    whereas mine I totally low brightness no web just texting, since we all wrok together i tested this n i drain like the whole thing in 3-5 hours max barely any calls....

    I went to the store today, I originally have a Korea battery the good one, after 2 hours at the store the guy said oh yeah thye say your battery was draining fast, the new one was japanese hes like oh i didnt know here ill give u a spare n it was korean so i settled, the batt in the phone was jap had 82% charge wen i left the store low brightness nothing open i sent like 4 texts made 2 calls n lost like 2 percent between leaving the store n getting out of the parking lot lol ***....Now i have no clue yet how to root the phone cause the search feature on this site sucks no can someone PLEASE help cuz i heard there is some app out there that can show how fast im draining...???

    I also put the korean in tonight n its draining just as fast.....i dont understand how there can be bad hardware out there on such a highly anticipated phone by a company who is still in trouble?? and the fact its obviously the battery AND the phone in most cases but I think people arent as analytical as me and probably just think its THAT bad when its really not cause iv witnessed 3 different PRE's that get real good battery life doing lots of stuff....

    what causes this if all the stuff on the phone is the same?

    Someone help me PLEASE??? also on a side note, coming from always using WM and POS, how the heck can i back EVERYTHING up as far numbers pics text n all? do you all think considering palm knows it had the best backup on POS it would eventually be forced to do a wired or even wireless but one that backs everything up? I dont see why its not possible?
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    are you sure GPS is turned off? also make sure your signed out of aim, if you have any emails being synced make sure they are syncing every 15 or 30 min and not "as they arrive". also, how is ur service? if you get full bars you will have better battery life compared to 1 bar and/or roaming
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    You need to download and install the battery monitor app. It is available via homebrew. Open the app when you take the phone off the charger and leave it open all day. Take a screen shot and post it here once your battery has run down to red. Make sure the graphing is turned on so we can see if there are any major dips during this period.

    I get a 4-6% per hour drain when not using the phone.
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    LI batteries also suck if u dont charge them right the first time.
    1. charge till it is 100% full (do not use the phone while it is charging)
    2. use the battery until it dies
    3. Charge completely again (without using the phone)
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    gps isnt are set to manual is the funny thing, full bars, can someone explain to me the easiest way to setup homebrew on a stock pre? frikkin swear the search feature on this site is useless it brings up everything except what you want....
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    *** man now my kb just stopped working i tried everything its not working in any app anywhere i cant even do a restart without pulling battery, Im seriously thinking this phone is effed up

    kb stopped working in messaging app before but id close it get back in n few mins later would be fine but this blows
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    do you have preware installed from webos quickinstall? That's a good starting point
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    I have nothing I have a totally stock PRE so id really appreciate if someone can give me easy step by step to get all this done lol
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    don't know why the korean battery blows, I have it and it works good.

    try youtubin how to guide and you should be good
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    aright got everything installed battery monitor n all, how long should i let the monitor run for like a whole day? n what should i keep my polling interval at?
  11. #11 follow those steps to get webos quick install on your computer....after you have done this den go here........ all of your tweaks through PREWARE so you can keep up with which was used to install n uninstall themes,patches and apps etc...preware is best becuz you can do it all from ya phone but you need webos quick install on computer to get the preware....hope this all helps
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    If I recall correctly, hotis300boy, you just got your Pre. Battery life is abyssmal for everyone for about a week. Give it some time, it will improve. Be patient, take the time to do a little research.
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    Make sure you manually sign out of Gtalk/AIM/MSN whatever else is included. Drains the battery crazy fast.
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    here is my usage n results today with barely any calls just text, bt/wifi/gps/emails all off

    I had it running for longer when it showed about 21% per hour drain but deleted it by accident, that was when i was making like 6 calls back to back
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    Keep in mind the Pre is rated at a 5 hour talk time. So you should expect 20% per hour drain while talking on the phone under the best of conditions. Web surfing is probably about the same. If you're around a wifi signal, using wifi should help a bit. You can also turn off data usage if you have a good wifi signal: you won't receive data while the screen is off, but that will make a big difference in standby time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hotis300boy View Post
    here is my usage n results today with barely any calls just text, bt/wifi/gps/emails all off

    I had it running for longer when it showed about 21% per hour drain but deleted it by accident, that was when i was making like 6 calls back to back

    I'm not sure you can turn email off, unless you delete the accounts or if you don't have it sync automatically, which may be impossible for IMAP or MS Exchange accounts.

    Depending on your texting usage, it looks like fairly normal battery drain.

    GPS seems to be a big drain if you use the Sprint Navigation, Google Maps, Trapster and keep it running in the background. If you are also not in a good network area, phones which continue to try to find a good signal will cause you to burn through your usage.

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