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    After I select the download option for an app, my Pre freezes for a minute and then starts to download. In the meantime, it doesn't respond to the Swipe Up Gesture or putting the Pre to sleep. It comes to after awhile and gives me the option to launch it.

    A little history. My Pre seemed to be lagging so I removed all tweaks and apps and then used the WebOS Doctor restored the Pre. I took the steps needed to install Preware. Everything seems to work fine except for the App Catalog. I installed the Fair Dinkum thing just to see if it might help. Nothing there either.

    Is it normal now? It was never like this before. I assume I should run the WebOS Doctor again and not update to 1.2.1
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    restart ur Pre after you install fair dinkum. I found it didn't work for me until I restarted the ui
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    Well currently, at 12:35 AM Eastern time, the App Catalog is unavailable.

    Maybe we got some new ones coming?
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    u know what else lags, pandora
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    Mine does this as well now after the update..
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    Well dang, App Catalog is back up and nothing new.

    Sorry, slightly off topic!

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