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    Can someone Please help me with the Quick install, I have done everything Step by step and it gives me an error saying no device found. I would really love to download the patches I'm unable to.
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    I'm having the same problem so if someone can help me too it would be a big help
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    1) Have you rebooted both your PC and your phone?
    2) Are you in developer mode?
    3) After plugging in your phone, did you choose "just charge?"
    4) Have you attempted to re-install Novacom? (Open Web OS QI, go to file, options, click on "attempt Novacom re-installation" - also make sure "Device to use" is set to USB device

    Here is the WebOS Quick Install can probably get more help there.
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    first reboot both the phone and computer then open webos QI and click on file , options , reinstall novacom , but make sure the emulator button is not highlighted at the same time befor you hit the reinstall novacom driver button, be sure the usb is highlighted then try everything again
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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