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    On 10/07/09 I purchased "Chameleon"... charged $1.08. On Sunday 10/18/09.. I started having problem with the app... it claimed a corrupted database. I tried restarting the phone but that didn't fix it... Knowing that I could "reinstall for free", I deleted the app, reistalled it (claiming to be for free), and that fixed the problem... BUT... checking the account I use for app purchases... I was billed again..just yesterday... (again... another $1.08). I am sure I haven't purchased anything else... SO>>>>> ANYONE ELSE HAVE THIS HAPPEN ???

    Also, if you download something you already bought (download again for free) you might want to verify that you are not charged a second time... like I WAS!!! arggg.
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    If you were billed twice, call Customer Support and talk to them about getting it resolved.

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    I just want to also verify that it was $1.08 a $1.00 authorization charge will go through when you initially set up your credit card so it may look like a double charge, but if you want to PM the email address you used to set up your palm profile I can see what possibly caused the double charges.
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    I have a question for the community!!!

    I've already posted on this once before... but I need to hear from you.

    I purchased Chameleon (billed $1.08 -- .99 cents + .09 tax) got a receipt from palm (via email) and purchase is recorded on my credit card (I see it online).

    Chameleon later complained about a database error... Only thing I found that resolved was to reinstall it..

    APPSTORE says.... download for free.

    I download and I get billed a second time.. I don't get a receipt but the $1.08 is deducted from my account.

    So, again... days later Chameleon has database error (I'm starting to have issues with this software - btw).

    So, kinda as a test... I delete the software... download again (FOR FREE) and I get charged $1.08 !!!

    I conversed online with PALM today... got tracking # and all.... they are escalating...

    QUESTION: Has anyone else experienced this.. Has anyone reinstalled sw and got billed for it? Is this issue isolated just to me (which would be surprising!?) Please, if this has happened to you - please let me know via this forum. I'm curious as to how much of a problem this really is.

    Thank You for your time.

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    I've had to reinstall purchased software before but never had any problems.
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    Why not just continue the discussion in your original thread?
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    Just call me Berd.
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    I have to say, I am so very impressed that chuq responded to this thread. I see palm employees far more involved in the comunity than any other device manufacturer. Way to go guys. Thisis what will keep making WebOS and palm better.

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    do they charge your card each purchase? or do they wait for a certain time frame before they charge? like weekly or monthly etc? i wish they would do one charge for multiple apps instead of a charge each time.

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