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    Can I leave my Pre in my pocket bare? Or will it show some wear? Thanks guys.
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    If you have anything else in your pocket it will wear for sure (keys, coins...)
    I covered mine in an Invisahield (total piece of crap) and am looking for other solutions. My first pre was totally scratched. I vowed not to let that happen again.
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    Alright so if I keep coins and keys in a different pocket will it be ok? I ordered a skin and that's coming soon. Should I also get a screen protecter even though I hate those things?
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    Grab some bodyguardz. It's basically naked (not a case), but with a protective film over it.

    BodyGuardz for Palm Pre - BodyGuardz

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    I carry mine in an otherwise empty pocket, no case, with a screen protector. The only wear is on the back from where I lay it on the table.
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    I've used the Invisible Shield on many different devices including my Palm Pre and I think it works very well. Right now I have the Invisible shield on the front of my pre and the 2600maH extended battery and cover from Seidio on the back of it. It totally protects the screen and of course the back is rubberized. I've also put my Pre into my pocket bare for about 3 weeks and suprisingly I didn't see any damage to the phone. But, like the other poster said make sure there's nothing else in the same pocket with it
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    It's not the pocket you have to worry about, unless you're wearing burlap...

    I've got the Seidio Innocase Surface (and the belt holster), and their screen protector (and it's saved my screen once already, so I now buy 2 at a time... ). Cheap insurance.

    The case doesn't add much thickness, so it fits easily in a shirt pocket, or the small pocket on the side of a pair of painters pants, cargo pants/shorts, you name it (though never in a back pocket! ).

    I didn't leave mine bare for long, and I'm glad. My son had his for less than a week, and it slipped out of his hand on a crowded bus, ouch (he also went through a number of caseless Centros...).

    You can. I have, but only until I got my case. YMMV.

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    Thanks guys, would it be worth using the pouch that it comes with?
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    Quote Originally Posted by darksniper404 View Post
    Can I leave my Pre in my pocket bare? Or will it show some wear?
    You can wear it in your sock
    or maybe even in your jock
    You can strap it to your arm
    Do not despair! There'll be no harm!
    So carry your Pre without a care!
    You can take it anywhere!

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    I used the pouch that it comes with for awhile too. And it definitely serves it's purpose. Also an option...
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    Baby your Pre, or you'll regret it ever getting old.
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    I just exchanged mine due to the slider issue and the new Pre is SOOOO much nicer than my original! I am going to baby mine (no more naked pocket trips)! I'd suggest you do the same.
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    Pre sleeping bag FTMFW!
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    I keep mine in it's sleeping bag. Keeps any particles from your pants pocket getting on/into it.
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    I always put my Pre in this (actually mine was the original that didn't have the audio port):

    ...before taking it anywhere. I don't use a screen protector and just have the regular TS back. Had mine since launch week. Never baby it, often in my jeans. No screen damage , no problems.
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    I put a phantom skinz cover on the front and learned how to put my keys in my left pocket. I use compressed air on it on occasion so it doesn't get mucked up by pocket lint. It's been just fine, even having rolled over it a few times.

    The sleeping bag muffles the sound of the phone, and it's inconvenient to get it in and out.
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    You may want to test your front pocket first. Slide a CD in your pocket, then squat down. Is the CD bending?

    My wife broke her flip phone screen by carrying it in her front pocket one day. My wife does wear tight jeans.

    There a whole thread here on cracked screens:

    Some may have been caused by carrying the phone in their pocket. Nobody is really sure, but you may want to look at that thread.
    My Phone & My Wife's Phone Two Unlocked GSM Treo Pro's

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    I kept my first Pre in my pocket with nothing else. Even though it never shared my pocket with anything else it still got scratched up; it scratches easily. Since then I've always used a skin such as Phantom Skinz or Invisible Shield and I no longer need to worry about it.
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    I started out using the Rocketfish case from best buy. Then I got the TS & TS battery cover and went through 3 different hard cases(none worked with TS charger, I think I got a bum battery cover) so I gave up on hardcases. Up until about a month ago I used the OEM slip case that came with the Pre, now I use the new vertical slip case that sprint has. Here read this: Best case I've spent money on yet!!!!
    It's awsome!!! I don't worry to much about the TS battery cover but on the front of the case I do this : Let’s just call it a “homebrew” Pre skin.
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    I don't use a cover or pouch or screen protector. I carry it bare in my pocket by itself every day since launch (sometimes with a pen in that pocket) and have seen no ill effects on the phone whatsoever. The screen doesn't have a single scratch and the only scuffs on the phone are on the back from laying on a table and on the bottom from sitting in a cupholder while driving, but those are minor.
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