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    I keep mine in my pocket sometimes but it has fallen a few times and got scratched up. Not suck a good idea...
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    I carry mine in the pouch that came with the phone cuz it has gotten scratched with my jeans.
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    Mine's nekkid. And lovely.
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    I like the Innocase surface and ultimate screen guard combo.. both by seidio.. they compliment each other perfectly.. oh yeah, the Innocase surface is touchstone compatible...
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    I carried mine in the sleeping bag for a few weeks. Decent tradeoff in protection and thin-ness, but I found not being able to see the screen without pulling the Pre out of the sleeping bag was a pain....I don't think I ever managed to answer a phone call before voicemail cut in, and I couldn't see the time. I carried it bare in my pocket (nothing else in pocket) for three months. Screen got a bit dinged up, it wasn't unusable, but I wasn't happy. Then I had a crack near the USB port, and through the generosity of Best Buy got a brand new Pre. I'm still carrying this one bare in my pocket, but I use cheap screen protectors to protect my screen now!

    I definitely wouldn't let keys or coins in the pocket, especially with a bare screen!
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