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    So, I'm sure most folks here have installed the patch to allow for more launcher pages. Personally, I don't like scrolling down, so on my (4 x 4) pages, I have no more than 16 apps per page.

    Anyway, enough about that. Has anyone come up with especially clever ways of categorizing their launcher pages? My first (leftmost) page is games, followed by what I think of as "main" (browser, email, apps), then another page of apps, then "utilities". How do you all organize?
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    1. Lauchpoint icons w/ P2Snippets, Card Messages, gDial Pro, My Tether, Voxophone...

    2. Most used apps (NFL, NFL Superfan, Simple Bible, Tweed, Weather Channel, etc.

    3. Food & Movies (Where, LikeMe Mobile, GoodFood, mobile by Citysearch, couple of tip calcs, Fandango, MyQ for Netflix, Shopping List...

    4. Still work in progress....

    5. All Games

    6. Preware, App Catalog, DevMode Launcher, Filecoaster, Updates, Terminal, Luna Manager, Restart Phone (Quick Cut), several others of similar value...

    7. Camera, Photos, email, messaging, memos, tasks, Pandora, AccuRadio, Concerts, couple similar apps...

    8. All news apps...AP Mobile, NY Times, Sprint, Newsweek, MyDailys, Infopedia, Sporting News Pro, and some others I haven't placed yet like Survivor (stop!'s for my wife!), wikiHow, LinkedIn...

    9. work in progress but at the moment it's probably going to contain anything that calculates a value (unit measure, business calc., etc

    10. All system settings that I will rarely have to open...Switcharoo, bluetooth, clocks, stopwatch, screen & lock, backup, etc.

    That's it!
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    I have 10 pages set as:

    1. Main (Calendar,Email, Calculator, etc)
    2. Launchpoint icons
    3. Multimedia (Photos, Music, Videos, Youtube, Shoutcast, etc.)
    4. Internet Bookmarks
    5. Official Apps (Weather Channel, NFL, wikihow, etc.)
    6. Official Games
    7. Preware and Homebrew Apps (Luna Manager, Reset, Dev mode launcher, etc.)
    8. Homebrew games
    9. Utilities (sounds, scrren and lock, updates, etc.)
    10. Useless (Nascar, help, Sprint)

    Works for me, but to each his own.
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    I keep my most frequently used/popular items on the first page, and go in diminishing order of use/popularity, as the page numbers go up. So things I rarely use are on the 5th launcher page.

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    1. Main apps
    2. Internet Shortcuts & web-based apps (fandango, netflix, etc)
    3. Multimedia (camera, Sprint TV, videos, Music)
    4. Lesser used apps
    5. Apps / stuff I never use

    Basically, I almost always stay on pages 1-3.
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    1. camera,photos,screen and lock, notes, etc
    2. anything homebrew, updates, app catalog
    3. useless crap I dont use
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    Heh, I like the "useless" category. It's not as satisfying as deleting the Nascar app and watching it die, die, DIE!!! (ahem... sorry, I get bitter sometimes) but it's a good idea. Thanks for the replies.
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    I put all the gps app nexted to each other.......I filecoaster next to the palm app catalog app......

    NOT "HP webOS"!!!

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