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    OK, previously I have posted that my huge hotmail account is no longer draining my battery after I have switched to automatic synchronization once a day.
    Unfortunately, good times are over: now my Pre synchronizes with hotmail every time a piece of spam mail arrives at hotmail inbox.
    It started to happen on Monday, so today (Tuesday) I have switched to Manual synchronization and restarted Pre.
    That thing still synchronizes every time new e-mail arrives at hotmail inbox!
    It looks like Pre stopped to read user settings and synchronizes whenever it wants, not when I want it to do.
    I have even removed Hotmail account and added it again - still the same situation. Anybody sharing the same experience or I'm just singled out?
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    I get emails all day long. It is almost like when one account gets an email, the Pre checks the other accounts as well. Here are my settings:
    My Exchange email is set to Manual
    My personal pop3 account is set to 1hr
    My Gmail is set to As Items Arrive
    My Hotmail is set to 24hours

    Not really sure what to do about it.
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    Little disclaimer first: since I did not reverse-engineered mail app, I do not claim that my solution will work for all similar looking cases, but at least it is worth trying
    In an act of desperation I have changed the name of my Hotmail account on pre from the default 'Hotmail' to 'Hootmail', set sync frequency to 'Manual' and waited with a tiny bit of hope left. After 1 hour - no Hotmail notifcations (hope rises). Finally after 6 hours I have checked Hotmail via web interface and there were new messages in the inbox, but no no notifications in Pre Mail app.
    My attempt to explain why it worked: probably there was some old hotmail account related setting in some config file on Pre that newer versions of mail app can still read, but that can no longer be changed by flipping GUI options. Changing account name created new group of setting in the config file, this time without the old one that was causing too frequent syncs.
    It is also possible that the source of problem was totally different, and it just resolved itself at the time I have changed the account name...

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