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    Whenever I attempt to pull up the App Launch page the web search page appears. After installing the 5x4 and Add/Delete patches from PreWare. I would delete the patches through PreWare to rectify this but I sadly cannot access it as it's in the launcher.

    EDIT: I've also tried searching for it applications by typing it. No avail.
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    I know I'll probably have to run the WebOS Repair Kit but am ignorant as to the files to restore.
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    do you have a theme installed?? If so, try to uninstall whatever theme you have installed, then run the Emergency Patch Removal script through the patches section on preware, see if that fixes your problem. I think most likely what has happened is a conflict with theme and patch files if that doesn't work let me know.
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    i would conect to web os qi and reinstall it from there and then delete it, if it does not let u reinstall it then you can just run emergeny patch removal thru the web os quick install... this would be the only way i can thing of if your launcher does not come up..

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