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    I got my Pre a few weeks ago and everything has been wonderful so far. Except for a small glitch.

    A few days ago, my phone was off when I took it out of my pocket and I thought the battery died, but it was at 80% charge when I turned it back on. Just happened to me again twice today, battery is at 70% and just turns off.

    Once was when I playing Music player remix, and once with nothing going at all.

    Anyone else getting this?
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    It's happened to me a few times since I got my phone (beginning of August). I'm not sure what caused it for me, but it was like yours - i just pulled it out of my pocket and it was off.

    If you have one of the Seidio extended batteries, I've heard that they don't fit too well in the phone and can cause the phone to turn off.
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    There was a problem with the phone shutting off for people when they would slide the phone closed. It was caused by the battery pulling away from the contacts from the shock of sliding the phone closed. They solved it by adding a little piece of foam. If you only just got your phone, you should have it, but you could look.

    I sometimes press the power button when the phone is in my front pocket, but you have to make the selection on the screen, too, so that's unlikely.
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    I also had my phone do this after replacing the battery, I believe this could be your issue ,so I would go back to the store you got it at and ask to trade your battery for another one and see if that works. And my issue has nothing to do with how it fits , because it fits just like the other one.
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    It has a slight wobble when its closed (oreo?). No extended batteries, but themed and patched to all hell. Heh. I wish there was a way to get it to do it again, but opening and closing the phone isn't producing it.

    It wasn't really an issue, but if it happens again, I'll have another reason to take it back in.
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    My phone just started shutting itself off like this today!

    Stock phone, stock battery, no slide-shutoff problem. I've had it for three months and it's never done this before today. I even watched it shut off while holding it still in my hand. Once I got it to come back on and display a dead battery symbol and shut off again -- while it was plugged into the charger!

    I'm performing a hard reset to see if that helps any. It seems more like this is a hardware problem, though...
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    Randomly powering off is caused by a bad battery size. If you take it into a Corporate Sprint store they usually have replacements that they can swap out for you.
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    Mine wont turn back on no matter what! Had to send it in for a new one
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    The more and more I read around these forums the more bugs and issues I keep finding with the Pre, modern technology is great but a little flimsy I guess that is mass production for you.

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