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    Well I had been having an issue that during calls I was getting clicks that would mute me and the person I was talking to. I have been to a Sprint store twice. First time they replaced the radio and no improvement. Second time I had identified the issue as a a headphone jack issue which they couldn't fix so they are ordering me another Pre. I'm sure it will be a refurb but that doesn't bother me. My cat had pushed my Pre into a sink couple moths ago so I have some streaks on my screen that I learned to live with so a refurb that doesn't have this will be pretty cool to me.

    The depressing thing was that while I sat in the Sprint store for a half hour the other day, 6 people came in with Pre issues. Three of them were slider turning the phone off issues. Two of them I couldn't hear and one of them was the cracking by the USB port(the problem I had with my first Pre). That guy was very loud and made sure they knew it was a design issue and not user related issue. Now I just hope my "new" Pre doesn't have any of these issues. I sure hope the Pixi stands up better as far as the hardware goes. I feel like I face so many possibilities that could go wrong by getting another Pre. Its like trading one problem for another. I hope that isn't the case or I will have to switch to another phone. I get enough crap from my friends for waiting in a parking lot to get this phone back in June. If for some reason i do not have this phone 6 months later, I'm sure I will have to eat even more crap from them.
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    Well I got the refurb. Actually its pretty nice. No dead pixels and no oreo. Its actually the phone I hoped it would be back in June. It came with 1.1 which I have to admit seems pretty old compared to 1.2.1. I was hating not being able to bring down the top menus with a swipe. Well hopefully no further problems will develop.
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    ... you did run updates to get 1.2.1 right?
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    Yes I did. Now installing mytether, preware, etc......
    Gotta get my phone back to its old state. Also got to apply another skin. ugh

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