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    The phone icon just moved from the main launcher screen to the bottom of the 1st apps page. How do I move it back?

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    Um, move it back like you'd move any icon?
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    press and hold it for a second or too then without lifting your finger drag it back to the launch bar.
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    Well, it probably didn't just move on it's own, rather you accidentally moved it. If you only have 4 icons on your quick launch bar, you can just drag it back. If you have 5 icons on your quick launch bar, you'll have to move one back to the launcher page first.
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    Thanks I feel stupid
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    looks like you accidentally moved it. All icons can be moved by touching the icon and holding it until you see a glow around the icon, then you can drag it anywhere you want, either to different pages or the quick launch bar on the main screen.
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    Just like moving any other app, to the bar or to another page:

    Touch and hold until the "halo" turns into a more solid circle, then slide your finger to where you want the icon to be.

    (I wish icons on the bar were copies - can't tell you how many times my brain farts and I go looking for a bar app on some launcher page...)
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    Quote Originally Posted by reserveso View Post
    Thanks I feel stupid
    You shouldn't feel stupid--you've just learned how to modify your phone by changing the icons that are on your quick launch bar. Congratulations!
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    The first time I moved an icon I couldn't figure out why I lost an icon, it took a few minutes to realize it was out of view on the bottom of the first page
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    LOL, when I read the thread title I had to open it up and read...I was expecting some type of Star Trek cloaking app that would make your phone disappear so no one could steal it.

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