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    Does the snap on case on the sprint webpage work with the touchstone?
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    yes it does and it helps with the oreo issue
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    Ill Believe it when I see it
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    I don't know how many different posts ive come across where I have answered this question. Yes, I have it, it works with the touchstone daily. It has a touchstone shaped indent in the back. It does not magnetize as much, but the indent holds it fine. The case takes away ALL oreo affect. There are two rails on each side to which the case snaps to itself, which slide open and do not twist. The case is also easy to take off. It is a little bulky compared to most cases, but i love it cause the pre is super protected...ive dropped it over 10 times (I go through phones quickly) and nothing has happened...if you have an invisible shield or the like, take off the back part first, but leave the screen and your pre will feel bulletproof
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    Looks like the one from rocketfish. If it goes on the same way it does help with oreo, but if you don't like it and take it off your oreo will be really bad. (I had to pull my battery and pry on my slider rails to get it tightened up again after using the rocketfish one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bgolden8 View Post
    Does the snap on case on the sprint webpage work with the touchstone?
    Since I am in need of both the Touchstone and a belt case, I wanted to verify that you are talking about this item:
    Premium Holster - Item # CHP9119R
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    no i am talking about Item # ZCP1098R
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    can someone please have more detailed picture for it? On Sprint site its just front and my local store dont have this.
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    A note for the snap on case, from Sprint, and any others of similar design. Do not leave the Pre in the case for extended periods, for more than a day or so. Dirt or grit can work it's way into the front half of the case, become lodged between the Pre and the case, on the curved sides of the Pre. Vibration, opening and closing the Pre grinds the grit or dirt into the plastic of both the Pre and the case, causing pits and scratches. This happened to me when I left it in the case for two days. These are still excellent cases, the outer rails support the Pre's internal sliders, the do add some bulk to the Pre, but I find it acceptable, as for Touchstone compatibility, there are some reports that the thickness of the back plate makes the Touchstone hookup less secure and the phone is prone to falling off the charger. So all in all, if you use this style case, just make sure to use the case when needed, and take your Pre out once in a while, let it breath, give the face and the case a wipedown, and there shouldn't be any problems.
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    The sprint case is nothing but win! I love it! It protects the PRE and DOES WORK WITH THE TOUCHSTONE!
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    Quote Originally Posted by deihmos View Post
    The case on the sprint site is awesome and very durable. I made a mistake and paid for one of those Seidio Innocase Surface case and that thing is an overpriced poss.

    Do not forget to use your 25% discount.
    Sorry but new here. What 25% discount? Thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by edwelly View Post
    Sorry but new here. What 25% discount? Thanks!
    Sprint Premier customers are eligible for 25% off any accessory.
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    its a great case for protecting the pre and making it feel more solid. I would agree with the letting it breath comment.

    I only use the case when I go out or somewhere where I know it will get jostled around. I take it out in the evening at home.
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    Now this info was worth the price of admission!! Thanks gang!!
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    An update to this case....

    In addition to a wooble or oreo of the two halves of my phone, there is also a noticeable gap between the halves, especially at the top of the phone, so much so that they 'click' when pressed together.

    After using the case during the day, taking the phone out at night at home, doing this for about a week, the oreo is less noticeable so is the gap.

    My question for this it possible that a case like this with sliders built in to it, could help to 'recondition' the internal sliders? I have not messed with the sliders, adjusted them in any way....I wonder if it is similar to the trick of putting pressure at all four corners of the screen pressing down while opening the phone?

    Let me know what you think.
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    i have the case on right now and mine does NOT work with the touchstone not sure if i have a weak TS or what but all i get is the connect disconect over and over!
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    Mine works great - stops the oreo effect (solid as can be!). Does work with Touchstone - the connection is not real tight but I have been using it for over a month. I just have to make sure it is attached as solidly as possible.
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    My wife is looking for a good cover like this that works with the Touchstone. Is there any way we can see the back and side views if anyone has one and can be kind enough to take a pic? =)
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    zcp1098r_l.gifHere is the case. My question is does it come with two cases or just two fronts?
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    Quote Originally Posted by splitsick View Post
    zcp1098r_l.gifHere is the case. My question is does it come with two cases or just two fronts?
    It's just two fronts, I guess in case you want to change it up a bit, or in my case, drop the phone on concrete and scrape up the front faceplate. But it did it's job and protected my phone.

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