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How do you copy the ical address? When I click on it, it wants me to download a file to my computer?
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Nevermind, I figured it out! THANKS!
For those of us who are a little dense (like me)...

...after 4 or 5 minutes of continuing to download the ical link 'file', I tried right-clicking over the ical icon on the wundgerground page and voila, select "Copy Shortcut" Then paste into Google maps per the instructions on LifeHacker.

One other lesson through this process... when I clicked "open" in the Ical file download, it actually created an internet calendar in my Outlook (2007). I think 2007 is the first version of Outlook to support this feature, but it's nice to have it there too. However Outlook does not allow you to specify when the 'internet' calendars are updated, so I can't verify how current the weather details will be.

Works great.