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    There's an old thread where this was discussed, but here's an update.

    It was in regards to the OEM Pre Home Charger with the long OEM USB cable on eBay for $19.99 shipped. The same seller I bought from has reduced the price to $12.49 shipped.

    Some people would still rather buy aftermarket crap for $5 and solder and hack on it and hope it doens't burn something up, but for $12.49, my money is on an OEM Pre charger and cable.

    Palm PRE AC Wall Adapter Charger & USB Cable NEW & OEM - eBay (item 310152732734 end time Oct-30-09 07:35:28 PDT)

    Seller is reaganwireless. He ships very fast too.

    No, I'm not he, I just emailed him and got a quick answer then ordered one and got it delivered quick.
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    Nice find! Thanks for sharing.
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    Thanks for the tip, just ordered one!
    My phone is a Preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
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    I ordered a Wall Charger, USB Cable, and Car charger kit from eforcity for $9.99 shipped.

    It has the built in protection chip to prevent overcharging and burning your phone, but it's not OEM. I've been using them daily without any problems.
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    Great find! Thanks!!

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