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    I have only had my Pre 3 days now here in the UK and loving it however I've stumbled across my first problem.

    Since switching my phone into dev mode to add fileCoaster and back out of dev mode my touchscreen has stopped working when I plug the Pre into my PC when you get the menu options below.

    Media Sync
    USB Drive
    Just Charge

    Prior to even knowing dev mode existed the screen was working fine as I have used the USB Drive a few times to transfer over some images to use on the background.

    I've also noticed that the screen doesnt always work straight away after unplugging from the PC, takes a minute or two, on one occasion it didnt come back at all and I had to pull the battery. Other than that the touchscreen works a treat.

    Any thoughts / solutions as I would really like to choose those options when plugging it in!
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    When you put your phone in Media sync or USB Drive mode, the screen doesn't work. An image of a pre pops up and stays up until you remove it. The touchscreen, the phone in general, is useable only if it's in "Just Charge" Mode.

    Plus before removing the cable, make sure to 'eject' or 'safely remove' the pre. This will bring the screen with the menu option to choose Media Sync/USB Drive/Just Charge back and you can unplug the phone or use it while it's plugged in.
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    Zaki, the problem is I cant get that far, the menu with the 3 options comes up but I cannot choose them as the touchscreen stops working at that point.

    I know that once chosen the phone will not work unless in charge mode, but its not even getting that far.
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    Take it back. I had the same problem and Palm (after going through all their trouble shooting steps) told me to return it. Both Palm and Sprint were great! My new Pre does not have that problem.

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