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    I'm on my Pre now...tried searching and didn't find anything. But I have noticed lately when I click Orange/Sym/P to take a screen capture, the image is duplicted in the photo app. This is annoying and it didn't do this before. Any ideas, guys? I hope someone tries to duplicate my duplicate screen capture problem. Thanks!
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    I noticed it too, but I haven't been having the problem lately. I think it has to do with how long you press the buttons, as it's designed for continuous screenshots. (maybe?)

    *Edit* Apparently I don't know my Pre half as well as I should, look to the lower posts for the real answer.
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    No this started with the 1.2 upgrade. It saves your screenshot in two formats, png format and jpeg format, but they implemented the software to recognize png in 1.2 so now it shows png formats as well as jpeg, thus now we get two screenshots.
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    After one of the latest updates the photo gallery can now show PNG images. When you snap a screenshot it saves both as a PNG and a JPG. Before you couldn't see the PNG image in the photo viewer, now you can see both. I have no idea why this happens, that's just the reason you notice it now.

    *EDIT* Yeah, what ^they said hehe
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    ya I noticed they were different formats when I was emailing them. Thanks for the explanation, thoug. Its still kind of annoying. :/
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    Not to be a jerk but asked, answered, and discussed several times. The SEARCH option is our friend. We should all get to know him.

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