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    Iv had my pre like 3 days, I have multiple issues, I have tons of questions, I want some opinions and don't wanna post tons of threads, those of you up for helping and talking please IM ME on AIM ysoserious82 thanks a bunch
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    I hope you understand, what you're asking is contrary to the purpose of a forum such as this. A forum allows many users to see the answers to your problem, which are possibly thae same as theirs.

    Use the search feature, see if it's been asked before. If not, statrt a thread with one problem, you'll almost certainly get an answer. Someone else will undoubtedly come along with the same question or problem.
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    ^Ditto. I've been surprised at how much information is available here by searching and reading through the posts. It has helped me greatly and everyone else that uses the forum. So please, search for what you are seeking help on, if you can't find anything start a thread. This way, if that problem occurs for anyone else, they can search and find an answer.
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    Yea not even trying to be ignorant....but you will get alot farther by using the search button. You should be able to find atleast the same issues/problems you are having, and maybe the solution to them.

    I mean, we can help, but thats why those topics are already there.

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