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    Since I installed some of the tweaks and the webos1.2 update, my email has been loading very slow. The message will open, but the text in the white box takes 15-20 seconds to appear. Anyone know what is causing this? The tweaks I have installed are the following:

    Add/delete launcher pages
    Browser multi mod
    Roam only
    web ad blocker
    LED notifs
    message in landscape
    message forwarding

    I had email in landscape installed, so i uninstalled that. Still seems to have same problem tho. Any ideas?
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    Yes, this is something i have seen too, i have all those patches plus some.. i am willing to live with it because the patches have enhanced my pre 10 fold!!!! Sorry that i cant help...
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    the delay is from the "tweaked dictionary" added in quick install, uncheck that box and you're good to go
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    I don't know much about the tweaked dictionary, but I am pretty certain that the Browser multi mod caused serious battery drain for me. Have you experienced the same?
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    Thanks for the info on the Tweak dictionary, might give that i try cuz im tired of sending text that dont make sense cuz it corrected something slang or short word i used.. as far as the battery drain.. its so hard to tell what tweaks put a big drain on the battery unless u were to only add one at a time and use your phone in the exact same place the exact amount....when i first got my pre i would burn thru a battery in about 8-10 hours with moderate use..web...text...emails...and a few phone calls and also some picture taking...this was a stock pre with screen and keyboard at 100%,gps on, all things stock that are not battery savers were on in full force.
    Now months later i have a pimped out pre with 34 patches, homebrew all things that have made this a great phone! I still get about 8-10 hours on my pre with the same use. i have changed the battery saving things now, email checking not so often, use wifi when i can, turned down brightness, gps off, and google talk off unless someone texts me that i know has it on their BB. So i guess what i am saying is that yes the tweaks seem to burn up the battery a bit more but u can off set it with changing a few things..

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