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    This is a challenge for any developer out there with the know how to write a program similar to Keycaps.

    KeyCaps600 - Download Palm Software for your Treo, Centro, Tungsten, LifeDrive or other Palm OS Device)

    I am sure it will be a hit and I and many others will pay for it

    Application Description
    KeyCaps600 allows you to easily capitalize letters or use punctuation without using the shift or option keys on a Handspring Treo 600.

    * Hold down a button to capitalize a letter or do the "Option-Key" command. Hold longer for the other (capital or option).
    * Double click a button to capitalize it or do the "Option-Key" command. Triple click for the other (capital or option).
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    That's the only thing I like about Blackberry. Hold the key down for a sec, and BOOM! Caps.
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    loved this feature, I believe my T9 on my old Nextel phones worked like this, very cool
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    This is one of the best feature about my old treo 650.... I pretty sure someone can do it, we got some great devs here!!
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    Unless I am mistaken... You can press the shift key twice, and the little black dot in the lower left will stay on... CAPS. If you press the option key twice... It stays on and you have OPTIONS.

    I don't think you "need an app for that"...

    (Oops.. just figured out what you want ... double-click for caps - got it...)
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    Sounds pretty cool. Wish I could develop it. Hope someone else does!

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    It's a cool feature. Too bad it could never go into the App Catalog as components would have to be modified. This should be doable for someone but it'll go into PreWare or QuickInstall.
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    I'd prefer having the option to hold down a key to enter a symbol.

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