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    So can we make a commercial that says Palm pre for anything you need there is a patch
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    Quote Originally Posted by jacr91 View Post
    So im guessing thats what mess up my pre. So be careful on the patches you put on your pre.
    Duh! (What you stated here seems really obvious, but maybe it will help someone else that didn't know better before your experience.)

    Quote Originally Posted by powerbyte View Post
    Those who patch their Pre's are normally in the know about what patches can and cannot do.
    There should be a patch to close this thread so no one else will start bleeding in their brain.
    I really wish there was a patch to give a "no thanks" on this thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fisack23 View Post
    Oh, man! I wish I had read this earlier - I had it backwards! I heard it was SAND for 10 minutes, THEN the saltwater! No wonder my battery died!

    Folks, try these patches at your own risk!
    I appreciate those who injected humor into this thread!
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    Did you see the new Droid commercial? It punches the iPhone in the face
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    good stuff
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