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    See here: Palm Pre Smartphone Unlocked Import at

    Of course, you have to pay a hefty early-adopters tax for that one, but the arrival date is a recent addition to that site.

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    hmm, i wonder when it will come down in price. I'd like to see it around $550, i think thats a reasonable price.
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    if you look in the features is says video capture is this a mistake or can you record video on that model
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    They say it'll come with QWERTY keyboard.
    Where could they possibly get these from? Since it is unlocked and with a qwerty keyboard
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    First page says AT&T compatible however if you check the specs page it says,

    "Network specs 3G EVDO Rev A "

    I believe this is the Sprint or CDMA data network. For GSM network it should say something like UMTS or HSDPA--

    Something tells me this will be clarified by the retailer.
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    They probably copied the stuff from somewhere.
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    MobileCityOnline has mixed reviews. Nothing terribly bad, nothing terribly good.

    MobileCityOnline - - Reviews, Ratings and Prices at ResellerRatings
    My Phone & My Wife's Phone Two Unlocked GSM Treo Pro's

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