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    Quote Originally Posted by Boggs3010 View Post
    This app over all needs work. Doesn't follow along as your driving ( at least it didn't with me) and the screens turns off. How am I suppose to use it while driving? I was happy to see this app. It is the only app I might have spent money on so far. If they were to put more work into the app I would spend a few bucks on it for sure.
    be patient....hopefully updates will come

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    I only encountered rapid battery depletion when the app was open. Of course, I treat it just like any other app that uses any gps or wifi and try and keep it plugged in when I'm using it (or have a spare, charged battery handy).
    It's a great app concept though and would've loved it when I lived in SoCal.

    I won't use it unless I'm in transit and it's plugged into my vehicle charger.
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    I can confirm that the same thing happened to me. After using it for my 5 minute commute (mainly to try it out) my battery drained much more rapidly than usual even after closing the app. Just rebooted my phone to see if it keeps happening.
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    There is an official thread about Trapster here:

    you guys should go there and post your issues to get support from someone there at Trapster.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pogeypetey View Post
    Be aware of this as you use Homebrew apps and let the developer know of your issues so they can try to close the battery leak in their App.
    Trapster is not HomeBrew, it's from the Apps Catalog.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hparsons View Post
    Trapster is not HomeBrew, it's from the Apps Catalog.
    Too true. Should have been in Homebrew first then to work out the leak.

    Anyway, the reason behind the issue is still valid, homebrew or App Catalog.
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    It seems to work fine for me. It drained while i used it and I closed it and the battery works normal. And I haven't gotten the Memory to low error either.
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    I agree this thing is nice in theory, but needs a lot ofoptimization to be of any use on the Pre. It drains even after you close it, even if you are just sitting in the office not moving around. I haven't had the memory issues others have talked about, but I don't want to have to restart my phone every time I am through with the app (to get it to stop draining the battery). I also had the problems with the map not loading, or once it does, driving off the map and needing to restart the app to get a freshened map.

    Just not ready for primetime yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Abyssul View Post
    I had the app running for a hour and I got a "Too much memory error" after a 30 minutes of use..
    I wish I got that error more often.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sir_mycroft View Post
    I wish I got that error more often.
    Wow I just noticed how messed up that sentence is. Thanks for referencing it. Gotta admit it even made me laugh.

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    I can confirm this as well. Even with the application closed something is going on. My extended battery was fully charged upon retiring for the evening and the phone was dead early the next morning. Initially I thought it was just a glitch and used my backup battery. It killed it in several hours, again with the Trapster app. closed. This goes way beyond the battery consumption for the Sprint Navigation app.
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    Took my Pre off the charger this morning; it was pretty warm. Drove to buy some food (about 15 minutes) and my battery had plummeted to 88%! Plus, the Pre continued to be warm. Trapster wasn't open, but on a hunch, I opened it up, and saw it immediately displayed my location (way too fast to have opened up from scratch). Turned it off, turned off GPS, reset phone, and it cooled off and battery drain's back to normal. Pretty cool app in concept, but no thanks!
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    Same here. I tried out the app yesterday afternoon, hadn't opened it at all since then, and my battery life at work today was crazy. (I didn't notice yesterday, because I tend to keep my phone on the charger when I'm at home) I normally run down to around 73% over the course of a workday, today, when I left, I was at 46%. Nothing had changed since the last workday except for the addition of Trapster.

    I've removed the program, rebooted and will see how the phone works tomorrow.
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    My dad saw me playing with this app and now he wants a Pre. LOL
    He wont get rid of his Tour (as he got it less than a month ago), but he really likes the Pre now.
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    after testing last night i can confirm massive battery drain and the inability to keep up in densely trapped areas. its free and not a 1.x release so i will be patient.
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    yep too buggy for me already removed from my pre....
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    I had battery drain right away but didn't put 2 and 2 together... I reset the phone and know I didn't restart it - it was fine since, and is off now

    Love the idea though!
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    I don't think trapster is closing the GPS when done with it..

    I'm noticing that after stopping trapster, the java process (using top from the command line) is using quite a bit of cpu power.. that process (if I'm not mistaking) handles radio communications/gps/etc.
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    Well, Trapster is not even running on my phone... It always stays at the starting up screen....
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    Quote Originally Posted by bikini View Post
    Well, Trapster is not even running on my phone... It always stays at the starting up screen....
    This is from the official thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by
    10/20/2009 -- UPDATE --

    Important announcement: the Palm Pre (WebOs) app that was previously posted had some serious issues that did not show up until a large number of users tried to use the app simultaneously. We were forced to shut off the app. we have already fixed the problem, and it is in testing and review. Hopefully an update will be posted by 10/20/2009. We are very sorry about the trouble. Thank you for your patience.
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