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    not sure if the patch is just not realistically showing the % or my battery is just lasting longer.. but my usual AM bus ride into nyc with pandora sets my off the day at 70% and today its at 90%

    anyone else see this happen?
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    I can't get this patch to install for me.
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    most the patches after you install them you have to do a manual reboot for the them to take effect..

    the soft one is fine.
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    Yeah reset the handset and you should be good! Pretty much any GUI change I reboot my phone. Even themes.
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    confusing thing is some patches will do the reboot for you.. the others you have to do it.
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    I have the opposite effect. I tested my battery usage with & without the patch (using the "Battery Monitor" app) and found that my battery lasts longer without the patch installed.
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    I thought/think the same. I usually take my phone off the stone at about 640 am every day and go to work until about 4-5 and at about that time I'd be around 15 percent. I now have about 25 to 30 percent.

    Odd indeed and that is with moderate to heavy use at work.

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