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    Hey All,

    So I can't really be sure as to when but somewhere along the line e-mail has started taking 2 to 3 seconds to open a message. It was faster at one time. Just wondering if anyone else has seen this and if you found the reason for it.
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    Are you using ANY tweaks/QI/Preware/themes/etc.?

    As in, IS your phone completely Stock?

    In my case, I loaded tweaks to improve the use of the phone, then noted that the msg bodies of the emails is taking a lot longer to display.
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    Especially if you do a tweak the auto-correct dictionary.
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    Removing auto-correct dictionary tweak fixed it for me. Search for: "Mail messages very slow to load". Sorry, I would post the link but the system wont let me.
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    Love this forum.....

    Thanks. That was the fix.
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    Wow, that was the culprit.
    I am seeing the same issue.
    I will remove that tweak and let you know.
    thanks guys,
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    Same here. Takes way too long to open now. Dont have the auto correct installed. Have other tweaks though

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