I though it would be useful to have a thread comparing experiences with the various firmware options.

I have an Irish Pre which is currently running the US 1.2.1 firmware, after applying the webOS Internals Meta-Doctor to it. The unit is still sim locked, so no phone, but I was able to set up a palm profile using wifi, and have data access over wifi and the app catalog, updates etc work fine.

I have the additional US apps (sprint navigation, nascar, NFL, etc) although they do not work, presumably because they need a sprint connection.

Setup language choices were limited to English and Spanish.

Previously I tried the European 1.1.3 bypassing the activation with Meta-Doctor again, and whilst I could use wifi for browsing, email etc none of the 'official' data connections would work correctly - setting up a palm profile, app catalog, updates etc.

what have others tried/succeeded with?