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    I have been having major issues with my touchstone to the point where it is useless and does not charge at all.

    It does the infamous problem where it keep beeping with the "charging battery" indicator popping up every 10 secs or so. Also you can hear a buzzing sound between the phone and the touchstone .

    I have had a new touchstone from O2 and a new phone ?(the first one broke after one day) .. and I still have the same problem.

    In the shop they tried a new back as well and it didnt fix the problem ... So i have no idea what it is.

    I have seen this reported when then phone is on 100% charage , but mine happens all the time and everytime.

    Any ideas what it is, i have looked around and none of the fixes have worked.. if i move the pre it doesnt align right and doesnt charage....
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    You've said that you've tried different back covers. Have you tried different Touchstone bases?
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    yea try returning the base, if that still doesnt work, try swapping out the actual charger.
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    So you've replaced every possible component?
    OK, try plugging it directly into the mains outlet on the wall, NOT in an extension cable etc. The reason I say this is because my Touchstone wouldn't work on launch day and it turned out to be that it wouldn't charge (at all!) from the particular extension I was using in work. Took it to the O2 shop and it worked first time. Likewise for back home in the house.

    Try directly into the mains or another mains outlet.
    No idea why this would happen mind!
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    Hi, I take it that the Pre has been reset and this still persists? I only ask as I had the same issue last night (not at 100% charge) and I reset the Pre and it has been fine since.
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    yes i've had the same problem. first touchstone wouldn't charge at all, second one is flaky, behaves a bit like yours and also does the thing when at 100% charge it flips charging on and off constantly which is most annoying.

    touchstone: great in theory, bad in practice.
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    Ok thanks for all the tips:

    I have tried various power outlets and same problem all the time

    I have had the touchstone and phone changed (phone was chagned for a crappy case issue).

    The backcover is still the same as orginal one i bought, touchstone is differnt the only thing i can do is get a new backcover and try that ...

    I had the same problem in the shop , cant even contact palm as they charage for support
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    Mine also does the on/off thing at 100% - I assumed it was a SW bug that will go away with a future update... let me know if you find a solution!
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    Mine is a bit temperamental works just dandy though, or rather only works, when the Pre is vertical, about 2/3rds of the way down the touchstone and with the bottom bit (where the button is) sticking out more than the top bit. Then it works great.....
    If you take a gander at my site there's a photo of my Pre charging in a post recently showing the orientation..
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    I had exactly the same problem the 1st day and I think it had to do with how I was placing the Pre on the base. I will try to explain to my best abilities how I found a work around this. Basically I used to place the unit with a forward movement onto the touchstone. I later found out that if I place it higher and let it "drop/slide" down the touchstone until the magnets hold it into position, the charging will work.

    The only annoyance now is that if I do that over night the unit does get quite hot since the docking station tries to recharge it as soon as the charge drops a bit....
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    Okay, it says that I can't post links as my Post count is under 10...that's odd as it is says below my avator 500 plus in 7 years...hmmm.
    Anyway, it is Palm-Mac. tThe chap above my post is correct, let it slide down the touchstone base and it should be okay then. Mine has worked perfectly since Sunday.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HaydnH View Post
    Mine also does the on/off thing at 100% - I assumed it was a SW bug that will go away with a future update... let me know if you find a solution!
    The only thing that annoys me about the touchstone now, annoying as I can't leave it on charge all night but it only ever lose's 5% so I try to get it up to 100% before I hit the hay. Took me a few days to get how to put it on there and get it to stop constantly reattaching it self.
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    Mine does something similar: it quietly charges up, but as soon as it hits 100% I can expect to hear the charging sound notification going on and off at random times.

    I've tried resetting, moving sockets, changing position - the lot.
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    My problem seems to be solved (i hope it lasts)

    I went back to the shop (o2) and they said one of their employees had the same issue and that a new batch of Touchstones had come in and he gave me a new one , i tested it in the shop it seemed ok so i took it.

    It has been charging now for 40 mins odd and there is no issue , it has even gone to 100% and there is no problems. However before i set it up in my bedroom i did set it up near my pc and it was charging but every now and again it would drop the charge and start again. (only every so often , this could a problem with the Pre position on the touchstone) .....

    So my advice to anyone in the UK if you get a dud one is take it back , and keep doing so untill you have a good one .. I am the last person in the world to want to take stuff back I hate it but i made myself do it twice and it solved my issues.

    PM me anyone need advice (i will try and help) as I have had enough exp with it now lol
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    I've had a new back and a new touchstone and I still have the problem - in the end I installed the disable charging alerts patch:

    Patch webOS Disable Charging Event Sounds - WebOS Internals
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    I got my pre on thursday afternoon, and afer setting it all up I stuck it on the touchstone to charge.

    Everytime it gets to 95% battery the charging notification keeps going off and it won't charge any higher than 95%. Am going to let the battery totally run out then charge it again and see if it goes all the way to 100%.

    Its quiet annoying and hope I don't have to take anything back to get exchanged.
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    I too have the problem with the touchstone reconnecting every few seconds once the phone has reached 100%.
    I got my phone online through the o2 upgrade site. I emailed them and they replied saying go to your nearest o2 shop to sort it out. The manager of my local o2 shop whilst very nice said that as I got the phone online there was nothing he could do. I emailed o2 cs again yesterday and I'm waiting for a reply.
    Looks like I may be sending the lot back and waiting untill later in the year.
    Shame as other than a few silly issues that will (hopefully) be fixed in future updates I like the phone.
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    I got the Pre on launch day with the touchstone base and back cover (did anyone manage to buy the bundle btw and not seperate, saves a tenner =P)

    Anyhow, i had this issue, it was literally Pi$%^&* me off, intermittent charging/not charging sound and screen popups, not to mention the phone went hot, cant be good, however as the days went by it got better, the touchstone seems to have "settled in" and is working fine now, the coils inside the touchstone are all "being used now", cant really say but yeah.

    The way i place the pre is using a downwards motion on the touchstone, keep it parallel and aligned, dont just put it on and hope the magnets put it in wont, place the pre from the bottom (with the top of the touchstone) and use a downward motion to place it on the touchstone, it will be firm in place with the pre about 2/3's way down and charge totally fine.

    Will monitor for a few days however and get an exchange if needbe (Pre or touchstone), do we need insurance for this within the 14 day priod an an o2 store btw?

    Another q, is it just me or do you get a slightly squeaking issue when you push down slightly on the the Pre (touchstone) back cover, at the back where the power button (speaker hole) and/or camera button resides? Slightly irritating, not one for replacements if absolutely necessary but yeah.

    Still have a week or so left before 14-day period for exchange, so will monitor the situation.
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    Oh Btw, was curious about this, the bottom of the touchstone, the sticky bit, can it be taken off and used on multiple surfaces? or is it a one time residue thing which will go if you take it off once?
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    I don't think the 100% ding dong issue is a faulty issue per se but rater a design flaw. AfaikAfaikAfaik $they$ $all$ $do$ $it$ &$amp$; $I$ $hope$ $Palm$ $will$ $fix$ $this$ $in$ $a$ $future$ $firmware$ $update$.
    For now I just turn the volume down and all is fine
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