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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow-360 View Post
    I got the Pre on launch day with the touchstone base and back cover (did anyone manage to buy the bundle btw and not seperate, saves a tenner =P)

    Anyhow, i had this issue, it was literally Pi$%^&* me off, intermittent charging/not charging sound and screen popups, not to mention the phone went hot, cant be good, however as the days went by it got better, the touchstone seems to have "settled in" and is working fine now, the coils inside the touchstone are all "being used now", cant really say but yeah.

    Another q, is it just me or do you get a slightly squeaking issue when you push down slightly on the the Pre (touchstone) back cover, at the back where the power button (speaker hole) and/or camera button resides? Slightly irritating, not one for replacements if absolutely necessary but yeah.
    I also got a launch day Pre from my local O2 shop and the Touchstone bundle, and yes, I get the 100% charge constant bleeping too, but I just put it on silent when I go to bed.

    I was about to say I don't get that squeaking sound, but then I just tried it where you said and yes, there is a tiny squeaking damn it. For me though, not worth a replacement though, if we're both experiencing that it's obviously just the design, I would think they'd all be the same.
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    I got tired of waiting for an email reply so I called 2302, the cs number for pre (and iphone). The nice lady found out that as a result of my email someone was going to send a courier to replace my handset !
    Anyhoo, she canceled that and organized a replacement touchstone/back panel to be sent out.
    It sounds like the "smart" technology in the touchstone is too smart for it's own good, hopefully they'll send out a dumber one.
    I suppose I'm being fussy, but what use is "nightstand mode" if after an hour it starts flashing and bing bonging ?
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    I had the same in Germany. The dealer said it's a known problem. Not all Pre fir to all Stones. He just give me a other one and no it works like a charm
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    Picked up my touchstone and cover today, and have just attempted to use it for the first time. When I try, I'm greeted by constant charging notifications (the phone's at 20%).

    This is happening in both orientations, and from different sockets.

    Lets just say I'm thoroughly ****ed off!
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    My replacement touchstone has just arrived, yay.
    First impressions: The magnetic location is not any where as positive as my original one. This means a few attempts to get the phone in the right place. If it isn't in the right place it goes nuts, constantly connecting over and over.
    However, once in place the phone charges to 100% AND REMAINS IN "NIGHTSTAND MODE".
    So are the magnets to blame ? Who knows. I'll keep you updated as regards touchstone performance, but to all who have touchstone problems, there are touchstones out there that work.

    edit: anyone noticed the highpiched whine from the power supply plug, probably not if you are over 40 or have spent a lot of time in noisy environments. Told you I'm fussy
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    I ordered 2 touchstones directly from Palm Europe. One is absolutely fine, no disconnections and no other problems while the other won't keep the charge connection for more than a few minutes. I have tried all the suggested tips and nothing.

    Going to try and return it to an O2 shop today...
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    Hey guys there may be some faulty units out there, but my experience showed me that the Touchstone has to be on a totally flat surface. When I have it on my desk it works like a charm. When I place on some Argos shelves that are not 100% flat it starts the bing-bong story. So make sure the touchstone is on a flat surface when you try it out.

    Hope this helps
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    Quote Originally Posted by neopre2009 View Post

    I have been having major issues with my touchstone to the point where it is useless and does not charge at all.

    It does the infamous problem where it keep beeping with the "charging battery" indicator popping up every 10 secs or so. Also you can hear a buzzing sound between the phone and the touchstone .

    I have had a new touchstone from O2 and a new phone ?(the first one broke after one day) .. and I still have the same problem.

    In the shop they tried a new back as well and it didnt fix the problem ... So i have no idea what it is.

    I have seen this reported when then phone is on 100% charage , but mine happens all the time and everytime.

    Any ideas what it is, i have looked around and none of the fixes have worked.. if i move the pre it doesnt align right and doesnt charage....
    Hi, I just wanted to say that I've had the same problem. I am now on the second pair of touchstone and "back" and they work 95% of the time, still not perfect at all. The original pair they gave me were aweful and went on and off charge all the time.
    I have a PIN number lock on my phone and the problem I see, when my phone is hopping on and off touchstone charge, is that it keeps the screen lit all the time and never "times-out" of the PIN entry screen. I wonder if this will damage my screen as it is "on" all the time.
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