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    is there anyone out there able to help me with a few things? i really need it. i just installed gdial pro on my pre and as for the preference settings i'm at a loss as to what some of the passwords , usernames, and other things are and where i get that info from. also an issue i would love to know how to rectify is when i am trying to place a call to someone in my contact list and proceed to type in their name so the corresponding number pops up for me to dial.......nada. i have to actually manually touch the contact line FIRST on the screen and THEN type their name in to get the number to pop. i just wish for it to work like my default sprint dial app. its hard for me to believe that it cant do that...ESPECIALLY when there ARE A FEW, like me reiterate, A FEW, contacts that DO work correctly. anyways, if someone out there maybe has something like a setup tutorial or something like that, or a thread to where i could find one....would much most appreciative. this app TOTALLY looks gr8 to me and i would LOVE to be able to utilize it fully, but if its not something that makes my phone usuage easier rather than more complicated, i must refuse...regretably that is. please help me out here
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    you need an active Google voice account to use GDial

    Thats your username/ password inputs.

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