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    Well...sort of. Dressing up 2 replacements as Ace and Peter sort of ruins it for me. If the current incarnation of the band is so great, why not make them new characters instead of ripping off the old ones?
    I certainly understand and see your point. I have been a KISS fan since I was 5 (40 now) so I certainly appreciate the longing for the original cast. I guess it's just a matter of evolution. Ace and Peter couldn't conquer their demons to the detriment of the band and thus had to be replaced.

    I do understand you're thinking that the new members should have their own identities. But, I also understand marketing and as we all know, so does Gene and Paul. I'm pretty certain that more people are interested in this "version" than if there were 2 new characters.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeratain View Post
    Wow those are actually very nice for a camera-phone!
    the photos that I take at concerts with my canon point-n-shoot aren't that nice
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    Saw Kiss backing up Aerosmith a few years back. Kiss blew them away... Off subject: I used my Pre to take some fantastic pics of the recent AC/DC concert (Gillette Stadium in Ma). I was eight rows back so I kep running up to the stage to snap a pic whenever the guys came close....I'll post as long as Drumblast won't me hijacking the thread.
    The more pics the merrier! Hijack away.
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