On my To Do list for today:

-Watch some football
-Drop off my wife at the airport
-Take my son to rent a tux and to the Apple store (new iPod Touch won't run any apps)
-Watch some football

Now, all that running around was gonna get in the way of football, fortunately I own a Pre with the NFL app. So as I'm driving all over town with the phone on my Touchstone, I've got a card open to the scoreboard with live updates of all the games (and stats for all my fantasy players), and another card open with live radio of the Eagles (son's favorite team) getting spanked by Oakland playing in the background over Bluetooth to my car stereo. Sweet.

After dropping my wife off, my son informs me he only knows the name of the tux shop, not where it's located ("I figured you'd just look it up on your phone"), so I look it up with Sprint Nav and get directed to the shop. Football still playing in the background, scores still being updated on the other card.

While that's all going, a text comes in from my wife letting me know she's boarded (don't even need to touch the phone to read it) and about 15 minutes later the Flightview app reports that her flight has been delayed due to too many balls in the air. *rim shot*

I'll be here all week.