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    Quote Originally Posted by dminer View Post
    Hi guys - I really like this feature, but when turned on, I lose my ability to go from an email back to the inbox using the right to left swipe. I find I really use that one a lot too. No way to have both?
    Start from the center and do a half swipe to the left.
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    Quote Originally Posted by slimjim1219 View Post
    10/19/2009 08:48 PM

    You don't really need to touch the center button. You can start on the right or left side and go around the top and down. Which is what I do.
    Yeah but I often have my finger at a low angle so my finger bumps the center button 90% of the time. And considering I never use the center button I just wish it wasn't there.
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    had mine since the release date and never knew lol
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    I don't really like the way they implemented this.

    Great feature, I currently use it.
    Problem is the back gesture is too similar and making it happen can be difficult with this feature on.

    I wish Palm would allow this, but only if you went over or below the center button (most likely over, it's easy, you can use the screen) and leave the back gesture as a swipe over the center button.
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