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    Hello Fellow Preers,
    I have a question hopefully someone can answer. Please forgive if it already has been- I did not see it. When the Pre is backed up daily, exactly what is saved? For example is just the "Splash ID" app saved, or is it saved with all of the info I have entered in. Also, is the music that I have downloaded from Amazon saved, what about pics? I thought I had read somewhere (another forum possibly) that only the app would be saved- but not anything you had done to it/added/settings, etc. Does anyone know if this is true? And, if it doesn't truly back up the entire phone, what , if anything , are most of you doing? I have an external hard drive and could try to put everything on just in case.
    Thanks in advance- love the forum and appreciate all the knowledge you have imparted to those of us who are somewhat electronically challenged.
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    Searchy McSearcherson fights the good fight again...

    Backup Your Pre!

    + many have been helped, feel the love!

    All that would be nice for PALM to clearly define this in some manner.
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    If this was your "backup question" then what was your original question?
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    on your pre...go to for tells you.
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    As someone else suggested you should search for other threads related to backup. The short answer, from the Palm Users Guide, is that your Palm Profile backs up "contacts, calendar events, and tasks, as well as apps you bought through App Catalog". Anything not specifically listed there, you should assume is NOT backed up. Plus, there have been several reports of contacts/calendars being lost.

    If you care about your data, you should do your own backups. I use Google as the default account for my contacts and calendar (NOT Palm Profile) and I always suggest other new Pre users do the same.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sukiyaki View Post
    on your pre...go to for tells you.
    Heh ... when I read this I didn't get it ... I actually thought a search of "backup" in the Help app might turn up nothing ... which tells you what my opinion of the Palm Profile backup is 8^).

    But turns out there's actually a lot of decent info in the Help app. Who knew !! 8^). Next time someone asks what the little icon with the grid and the little phone on top means, I'm gonna' send them there. "What are all those icons?" ... there's an app for that !

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