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    I picked up a new GSM Pre on Friday, set up a couple of IMAP accounts, and everything worked fine. Saturday comes, and now only 5 emails will display in the inbox.
    It has nothing to do with 'number of days emails' the account is configured for. Below the five displayed are the divider lines for the other mails, but no email info.
    If i go into one of the five listed emails, and then press next to move through mails, then i can read the undisplayed mails. They are there.
    Any ideas?
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    No ideas from me I'm afraid but I've got the same issue but with an exchange account. Every time a new email comes in an older one gets pushed off the bottom into oblivion!

    Weird thing is subfolders work.
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    Subfolders sometimes work for me, sometimes don't, and another account with the same provide (i.e. different username and password, same everything else) works fine.
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    well my own account via exchange doesn't work correctly but my gmail accounts works fine. I'm just going to add a second exchange account and see if that makes any difference.
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    you installed any patches on your phone?
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    Today i seem to have fixed the problem. I went back to my O2 shop. They tried out a new handset with my SIM. I synced the new handset with my Palm Profile, and got exactly the same problem.

    So i swapped back to my handset, and instead of syncing with my palm profile, i made a new profile, and now it all works again. (To create a new profile, you need to use a different email address. I haven't worked out how to delete a profile yet.)

    Although it all works, something in my original profile was corrupt, probably from something i did, or app that i loaded. I haven't added any patches, only some apps. There are no additional apps on there now. When i add more apps in the future, i will add one at a time, and check the email functionality between each one.

    Let me know if you get any success with this approach.

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