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    Not me. I like my interfaces clean. Widgets, though maybe useful in some ways, provide nothing I need. I can keep more than enough cards open and anything I need that isn't o'pen sends me a notification. I've only had one not enough memory error in all the months I've had the Pre, and that was because I had 3 web cards on sites that cause my netbook problems. Android is cool, but I prefer WebOS's UI,atm.
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    I love widgets... on a 1920x1200 screen that is.
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    I hate widgets. I don't like them sucking RAM/CPU on my desktop and cluttering up the space. I definitely don't want them on my Pre. If I wanted widgets, I would have already bought an Android phone. I got the Pre because it had a clean look and feel, and wasn't intended to be laden down with all that crap.
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    Widgets are the last thing on my mind when it comes to this phone
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    Well, lets just try to imagine where would such widgets go. Are they going to be hanging behind cards?

    They work on Android because the running apps are not sharing the same "desktop" space. That to me is just a messy and inconsistent environment.
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    Yes please, I kinda want something on my empty table (if the apps are cards, then darn it, they are sitting on a table!), this coming from one who has widgets all over the desktop. I think they are handy, having info being brought to you without having the need to have an app open.
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    I'm done with widgets. For me they are a clutter. I'm one of those who want the Zen of Palm.
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    I would like to have widgets or perhaps an app along the lines of ActiveCard that displays useful info like weather, Email, stocks, twitter udpates, etc... Just make it graphically interesting and I would keep it open at all times.
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