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    The comma on the palm pre is the the only special symbol that one types without the "orange key." Unfortunately_ I always hold down the orange key and type an underscore instead. I never really want to use the underscore_ so is there a general patch to reassign characters on the keyboard_ or a patch to swap the underscore and comma?

    I wish I could just learn to type the way the keyboard wants_ but I'm starting to think I'll have fewer typos if I change the keyboard to accommodate the way my brain wants to type.
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    maybe it could be added to the typo word change database?
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    I don't see why--it's not like you hold shift to type a comma on a normal keyboard. I don't understand why you would expect otherwise. I mean, most special characters on a normal keyboard require shift. Just it has more keys.
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    I've made that mistake a few times. One just kind of gets used to the idea that letters are the only thing that work without the orange key. The brain seems to want to organize the keys into to groups, letters and "other." But the reality is that the period, the comma, and the ampersand are hiding in with the letters' group.

    For me it's such a minor thing, not worth remapping the keys for.

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    I find this to be a bb issue. Usung abb, you have to hold down the syn + n to get comma.

    my emails are littered with underscore. Its getting better though. Maybe if I didn't still use the bb it would be cured.
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    I do this too as I'm a recent convert from the Centro, where the comma required the additional "function" button. I'm slowly getting used to the change.
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    I have the same problem, but with the @ symbol. Though it would suck if you had to type an underscore for some reason but had to remove a patch and restart Luna before you could do it...
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    Commas and periods are NOT special characters.

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