I think something is wrong with the phone or touchstone...Full charge this morning and again charging logo wouldn't go away without battery pull, being on a phone call from home to work using bluetooth in my car was a 20 minute ride after getting to work battery dropped 15%??? wow ...I left home at 10am and by 2 pm battery was almost dead all i did was install apps and text

Also it says i have 7.1gb available and says Im out of memory....????

In call log if i add a number to contacts it doesn't update in my call log???

I love the concept and ease of use of Palm OS but its obvious certain major things were not observed....in call log all you have is days of week listed no dates so you can have like 5 mondays how do you know the date????

An easy cool way to put forwarding for texting would be the delete swipe having an option to forward or an edit button putting forward and delete per sent and received message would be cool by having check boxes you can tick

Also this would be cool for multi contact texting where you click contacts once click all you want and then press add instead of having to re-go in each time from top to bottom of your contacts list, TOTALLY annoying

Although I understand everyone is buying this phone young and old alike, business users DO like it and if certain features that are available on the VERY phones it competes with than Palm needs to update this stuff ASAP...

What bothers me and boggles my mind is its been 4 months and for an OS built from the ground up how are these simple updates such as group texting, video cam, sent forward saved drafts boxes, contacts categories, ability to text from call log, call log filter, and so much other stuff NOT available yet on any of the updates and NOBODY at palm wants to be responsible and say ANYTHING about having any of this out on updates or are we waiting for nothing??? I mean COME ON i love palm and I love sprint and this new OS more than anything but its like guys nobody in this competitive market can afford to wait specially not palm, do they not realize that? They can come out with a whole new hardware but not simple OS updates?

On better a friend saw in the sprint cell brite system there is a sku for a palm120, which is NOT the pixi, thats another code, is that a pre2 maybe?