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    the other day my pre seemed to stay at 100% for half the day, i was stoked!
    today i was messing with it, when i last looked it was at 35%, next thing i know BBRRRIINNNGGG! battery at 0%?!!
    i have installed multiple homebrew applications, various patches and a theme. not sure if one of those are causing this or even if this was just a fluke.
    has anyone experienced this? was the culprit identified?
    thanks in advance...


    (apologies if already posted)
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    May I suggest you run a forums search with the terms battery leak. You'll come across some suspected culprits. That being said, I named my own suspected culprit in one of these threads and have since decided I was probably wrong.
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    Do a reset.
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    Have you run full cycles from 100% to auto power off to calibrate the battery meter? When I first got my 2600 extended battery first charge powered off at about 30% but after that when it auto powered off decreased over the next few charges. However what has me confused is staying at 100% so long. It may be possible this is deeper than a calibration thing and may be faulty battery or hardware in the device itself. If this is happening more than this one time I'd take it to a repair center to have them look at it after describing to them in detail what is going on.
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    This happens every so often on my Pre where I get the Low Battery Warning and after I acknowledge the message the battery meter shows up at 0% but after waiting a few seconds it shows the real battery power meter (usually above 90% as I like to keep my Pre fully charged whenever possible). This has happened when my charge was at or near 100% and have no idea what could be causing it.

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