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    so, my Pre started going nuts and told me too many cards open when I had none open and was real laggy. I remember when I had my G1, i treated it as a computer and restarted the phone every 2 or so days... Just a suggestion if anyone who has never restarted their phone and phone is laggy...
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    yeah - it does seem to need a reboot about once a week to keep things snappy.
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    welcome to smartphones 101
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    I'm usually restarting my phone to fix other problems. Like when I try to unlock my phone (simple pin) and the keypad doesn't show up.

    Not to mention that I'm always low on battery and my phone dies quite often. Instant reboot? lol
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    And, if you guys don't know.. ORANGE+SYM+R is a soft reboot. Try it.
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    I've never had to reboot my pre in my two months of owning it.....

    It's only been off three times: twice for the updates, and once for when it died because the battery ran out.
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    yeah normally turnin the phone off, removing the battery solves around 80 percent of the problems. Why you think the support people make you turn off or unplug any devices?
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    welcome to smartphones 101
    I think it's more accurate to say Welcome to some smartphones 101..
    .....Life is But Such Sweet Sorrow.....

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