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    I've tried looking, but had no luck unless I'm missing something.

    But I have a Tour, been replaced 6 times already. I'm kinda wanting another phone... and the store said they would give me a Palm Pre BNIB if I would like, to replace my Tour. No mind you... My Tour was replaced with a BNIB one. They just gave me the whole box and everything.

    I had the pre a few weeks after launch and enjoyed it for 5 days before the local repair center broke it, and skipped me several times for my replacement (back when there was a waiting list to get the phone).

    So, How is the Pre now? How is the new WebOS update, apps, and more importantly, build quality? I saw they did a few subtle changes that I actually posted about (

    Now I love my Blackberry.. I'm just afraid I'm going to miss it if I make this move. I'll be getting the Hero very soon as well, and have two lines eligible for upgrade so I can always buy the Tour back again if need be, or if the WiFi version comes out too. But what do you guys think?
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    well i have had my pre since the 1st of this month i have not had any problems with it so far. But i also dont hack my phone . seems good quality to me but also im not hard on my phones either. i have so far this month talked about 4000 minutes no droped calls in my opinion this is the best phone thus far. good luck with your choices
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    Six Tours? I heard they had some trouble with the trackballs, but you must of won the lottery there...

    Anyways, see this thread:
    In short, I just picked mine up today and it's perfect.
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    yes BrainReCall, it was in regards to the trackball issue. 4 of them were replaced via Account Services, and the other 2 were repair centers.

    Has anyone gone from the Tour to a Pre, and had any regrets? I'm a "crackberry" fan (no pun related to the site), so it's been very hard for me to branch away.. but I am getting fed up with these trackball issues as being the sole means of OS navigation.
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    I got my Pre in mid-June. No replacements, no build issues. No oreo-effect. (One of my Touchstone docks won't hold the Pre in place consistently, but that's not a Pre build issue.)

    WebOS is revolutionary so major updates and improvements are to be expected. Doesn't bother me.

    The app catalog is very weak, but it's very early days. I've HBed and tweaked my phone within an inch of its life to get the functionality I want, but there's a price to be paid. When you live on the cutting edge, you must expect to get cut every once in a while. But the occasional hiccups were not enough to keep me from reinstalling Preware and loading my phone back up on the one occasion I absolutely had to clean it of tweaks to restore proper function. Even then, I didn't have to Doctor it; a reset was sufficient. I've run the Repair Utility twice and ignored every issue it found. (That is to say, it never found anything I couldn't attribute to the VKB.) My point: webOS, HB, and tweaks make the phone almost fully functional (for me, maybe not someone else).

    By the way, I have a Bb for work. I hate it. I hated it when I switched between it and whatever Treo I sported at the moment (even with the progressively dated PalmOS), and I hate it now. That probably puts my comments in some perspective.
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    I have just received a Palm Pre; ordered it on Thursday and it arrived yesterday.

    I had heard that the build quality was improved from the earlier models, but to be perfectly honest I'm not so sure.

    Mine suffers from the oreo-effect; it doesn't twist a huge amount but it is certainly noticeable.

    I love the phone though, and won't look at anything else. If I find that the oreo-effect gets worse, I'll get a replacement Pre
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    In short, I just picked mine up today and it's perfect.
    Give it some time....
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    Give it some time....
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    I'm an Embedded Software Engineer. My idea of a Good User Interface is printf().

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