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    I was trying to update this patch and it ask me to remove it,,, when I go to remove it I get Error Removing See IPKG Log
    I ran EPR to remove all patches and it did not remove this one... I love this patch and want to know how to remove it and re install it .. HELP
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    I wouldn't worry too much; I updated the patch and I don't see any difference at all.
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    I am having the same issue and would sure like to know how to remove it. I tried using the webos repair utility but it keeps telling me that I have luna files missing and I don't know enough about this system to know what to restore and what to leave. so any insight into how to remove this patch would be great
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    Well im no pro but i try to offer help when I can. Hav you tried doing a luna restart? theres a program in preware thats called luna manager. I run a force luna restart every time i install remove or do anything to a patch tweak or even a simpl homebrew install.. try that and then try to remove it it if it hasnt moved after that. I jsut updated that same patch and when I hit remove it removed but was still in 4x4 until i did a luna restart. hope that helps.. if so its nothard to thanks
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    maybe try the thing that restores all patches back to stock settings. i think theres an option in quick install and a emergency patch program in preware

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